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Preparing for a Detox Cleanse

Many people have the intention of doing a detox cleanse and get sick during the process. There is a right way and wrong way to prepare for a detox cleanse. If you are healthy, it's easy to do a detox cleanse such as a water fast, juice fast, or raw food fast.

If you have never done a detox cleanse or have done one in the past, one of the most important phases is actually the pre-tox. It is the 5-7 days before you start the actual detox cleanse.

If done properly, most women lose 3-5 pounds in a 7-day period and men lose 7-10 pounds during the 7-day pre-tox. This is the guide I have used with many patients, family, friends, and my own personal guideline. As a result of doing, this most people get serious about moving into the actual detox which can vary from 7-31 days.

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