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How to Make Your Own Luscious Body Lotion

If you are like the million of women concerned about minimizing toxins in and on your body, then you will love this lotion. It’s easy to make and you can use three simple ingredients and if you love essential oils like me, you can add two favorites for beautiful skin.

A little bit goes a long way, so don’t over do it when you apply it to your skin.

Luscious Body Lotion Ingredients

  • ½ cup of Jojoba Oil

  • ¼ cup of organic coconut oil

  • ¼ cup beeswax

  • 10 drops of therapeutic essential oil Frankincense or 5 drops of Frankincense & 5 drops of Rose

How To Make The Lotion

  1. Combine the first three ingredients in a double broiler and stir the ingredients as the water begins to heat up.

  2. Once the they are all mixed, remove from heat and add essential oils

  3. Pour into a couple of small 4-ounce glass jars

  4. Use this in place of the store bought lotion. Best if used within 6 months to avoid mold issues.

Option: There has been a concern of mold issues with making your own lotion. To avoid this cut the recipe in half and store in smaller 2-ounce glass jars.

Let us know how this works out for you and try different essential oils.

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