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Spirituality The Impact on Your Mental Health & Waistline

Spirituality for many is a way to find meaning, hope, comfort, joy and peace in your life. Some people find spirituality through religion others through music, art, or connecting with nature. Spirituality is a belief that there is something greater than self that is impacting their life.

How does spirituality affect your mental health?

Since the beginning of time we have all thrived in groups and taken care of each other. We have been close knit units, sometimes family and sometimes friends. We have a tendency to thrive in groups because we feel we can be supported and we have common beliefs that connect us. When we connect with other people that share our beliefs we tend to amplify the spiritual, mental and physical well being.

Science is beginning to recognize that spirituality can impact your health. No one really knows exactly how but they know it does. One thing we know is that when you share the same positive beliefs and hope gained from religion, prayer or meditation it can contribute to well being. Studies show that religious people tend to smoke less, live longer and have better mental health.

How does spirituality affect your waistline?

Almost all religious events and gatherings center around food eating traditional, high sugar, high calorie comfort foods, which is a fertile ground for over indulgence. Studies find that over indulgence, obesity acceptance and less judgment is found in church groups can be another reason for expanding waistlines.

Many churches with obese pastors tend to have an obese congregation. As many churchgoers may think that it’s not a problem if the man behind the pulpit is over weight, so they are not too concerned about their physical body. Most church leaders will admit gluttony but rarely do anything to improve their physical wellbeing, unless you are mega church pastor Rick Warren, who helps his church lose 250,000 pounds in a year.

How to use spirituality to improve your health

I believe getting together with other like-minded individuals can have a positive impact on your mental and spiritual health. Some habits to incorporate:

  • Prayer

  • Meditation

  • Volunteer

  • Singing devotional songs

  • Reading inspirational books like the bible

  • Attending a church service

  • Quiet time for thinking

  • Community service work

  • Walk & talk

  • Honor your body and take care of it

If you attend a weekly church gather opt for taking healthier options (veggie tray, green salad, chicken salad, low sugar fruits, filling protein bites like cold cuts wrapped round avocado), take a walk after gatherings or talk to your spiritual group of ways to improve their physical health. Most people cannot volunteer and serve to their capacity when they are sick, overweight and unhealthy.


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