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Toxic Fats/Oils To Avoid

The fastest way you can destroy your health is eating foods that contain industrial seed oils. You may not even be aware that you are eating them. If you are eating anything in a can, box, or pre-packaged it’s probably destroying your health. Most of these food products contain seed oils.

These oils have been highly processed, promote oxidation, free radical damage and come from a seed instead of the fruit or pulp of a plant.

If you are eating out (fast food and even the so called healthy restaurants), you are probably getting some toxic oils. Most restaurants that even provide olive oil is highly processed and not unrefined, organic olive oil (That’s why I take my own olive oil in a small reusable glass spice bottle).

They are high in unstable fatty acids, which break down into toxins when you cook them. They have a fairly long shelf life, so who know how long they last in your body......

More than 90% of restaurants use these seed oils:

❌ Canola

❌ Corn

❌ Cottonseed

❌ Safflower

❌ Soy

❌ Sunflower

❌ Grapeseed

❌ Ricebran

❌ Vegetable oil (whatever the heck that means)

❌ Hydrogenated oils

These oils contribute to inflammation in the body and WILL cause:

👉 Pain

👉 Inflammation

👉 Diabetes

👉 Cardiovascular disease

👉 Sleep disturbances

👉 Gut issues

👉 Memory issues & cognitive decline

👉 Premature aging

Best healthy oils to use (traditionally not highly processed):

✅ Avocado Oil

✅ Butter/Ghee

✅ Cocoa butter

✅ Coconut oil

✅ Flax oil

✅ Macadamia nut oil

✅ Olive oil

✅ Sesame

✅ Tallow & Lard

✅ Walnut

Be aware of refined peanut, avocado and coconut oil that can still promote inflammation.

The average American is getting 80% of their fat calories from seed oils. They have been doing this for years and wonder why they have dis-ease in their bodies. People have been lied to!! There is more money in SICKNESS than keeping you healthy.

If you find this helpful please share this with a loved one.


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