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Why Women Over 40 Gain Weight

Why women over 40 gain weight

3 things women over 40 can do for fat loss optimization

If you have hit the big 40 or over and have noticed the pounds creeping up, you are not alone.

This is one of the top reasons that women seek out our help. 

Nothing has changed in your lifestyle……………….


➡️ The diet is the same.

➡️ Exercise is the same.

➡️ Sleep is the same.

➡️ Stress management is the same.

Yet, the struggle is real and the evidence is in how our clothes fits us or what we see in the mirror. Weight gain after 40 is almost inevitable.

Unfortunately no one ever tells us that when we transition into perimenopause (the 7-10 years before our very last period) and menopause (12 months no period) our body will hold on to fat like a dog on a bone!

So why does this happen?

Some reasons women over gain weight is because of Estrogen. The queen hormone begins to wane and so much changes in our body.  Estrogen begins to decline, specifically Estradiol (E2), which is the female queen hormone.

Why is estradiol so important?

There is an estradiol receptor site (parking spot) virtually in every cell in the body. She ( I refer to the queen as she) is like testosterone is to men.

✅ She gives us our curves

✅ She gives us confidence

✅ She promotes healthy weight maintenance

✅ She stabilizes our blood sugar 

✅ She plays a vital role in bone growth

✅ She helps improve muscle mass

✅ She protects our heart

✅ She protects our brain

✅ She boosts our mood

✅ She protects against INFLAMMATION

✅ She keeps our joints healthy

✅ And don’t forget about vaginal lubrication (so that you can enjoy SEX!)

We become more inflamed by default therefore impacting our cortisol and insulin levels and making it more challenging to stabilizing our blood sugar levels and stress levels.

Managing stress and sleep must be a priority to mitigate the inflammatory process.

These 3 hacks are a game changer!

#1- Condense eating window to 8 hours and cut off all meals and drinks (except water) by 6pm

#2 - Stabilize blood sugar levels with a little help from berberine 500 mg at each meal

#3 - Post dinner walk to decrease the major blood sugar spikes after dinner

These 3 hacks ALL impact blood sugar which impact insulin and cortisol which impact how estrogen works! 


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