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Importance of Good Vitamin B Levels

B vitamins are key for good health because B vitamins provide energy to the body as well as maintaining a healthy nervous system, and essential for skin, hair, and eyes.

Those at risk for depleting B vitamins faster include individuals who are under constant stress, fast often, eat a vegan diet, have a poor diet, have digestive issues, or are on certain medications.

Medications linked to depleting vitamin B levels include:

-heartburn drugs (prescription or over-the-counter)


-diabetes drugs

-diuretics (high blood pressure/water retention)

-birth control pills

-hormone replacement therapy


What are common symptoms of B vitamin deficiency:



-pale skin

-constipation/diarrhea/loss of appetite/gas

-nerve problems such as tingling, numbness, muscle weakness, or even burning sensation on skin

-vision loss

-mental health problems such as depression, memory loss, or behavioral changes

How can a deficiency be treated?

A simple blood test can help determine if levels are low. A thorough health evaluation can also determine the cause of the deficiency and how best to address it.

Meanwhile, diet is the best way to help boost B vitamin levels. Foods rich in B vitamins include:

-salmon (preferably wild caught)

-leafy greens

-organ meats (especially liver)


-oysters, clams, mussels

-chicken and turkey

-sunflower seeds

In cases in which malabsorption is an issue, the intravenous approach may be the best option as it sends vitamins directly into the bloodstream.

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